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Welcome to Matsushita America

Matsushita Economy Blade Photo   Matsushita America is the leader of High Quality Thin Kerf Carbides Saw Blades. Our products proven faster cuts, smoother cuts, less waste and less drag. Industries recognize the superior quality and durability. All blades are made in Japan and diameter range from 3-3/8" to 18”.

We have complete carbide blade line for Contractors, Homeowners, and Industries. Blades virtually for every saw and application. Matsushita America quality commitment is number one and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

     Our blade line focus on seven types

Primarily designed for cutting cross gain in soft and medium hardwoods and plywoods. Not recommended where more than 10% of the work is ripping. Teeth are top beveled and face beveled. As the top of the tooth cuts the fiber, the face is planing. The results are excellent smoothness with little, if any tear, chipping or feathering. These blades are rated great for mitre box saws.

Fully the ultra smooth performers. Use them on all woods for cutting cross gain. They are not recommended beyond minimal ripping. They can be used for ripping, but material must be fed slower to avoid overloading. The crosscut style is excellent for mitre box saws.

The blades to come to when the job requires nice, smooth, thin cuts. These blades are often used in gang ripping where material costs are important. Rip blades can occasionally be used for some crosscutting. They have too much hook to recommend for a mitre box.

Excellent blades for saving material while assuming a non-chip, non-feathered edge. Use these blades on non-ferrous metal, plastics and hard hardwoods. These blades take RPM of mitre box saws.

Ideal blades to cut steel studs roofing and siding. Diameter range from 4-3/8" to 7-1/4".

Using polycrystalline diamond layers bonded to a solid carbide body, the teeth are able to be precision sharpened for optimal performance cutting. These blades outperform the best of carbide by 10 times. The unique design allows as many as six sheets of stacked fiber cement siding to be cut simultaneously. Not Currently Available

Need more muscle? Here is the beef... Thicker Kerf and thicker plate. Heavy Duty Work Horse blade is stronger and creates stable condition to handle heavy duty application. The blade will last and stay sharp for very long time. 5 different sizes to choose from.

Matsushita America is located in Donald, Oregon which is approximate 25 miles south of Portland downtown. To learn more about our blades specifications, please check out products page or drop us a line of e-mail.

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